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Flower Fairies, Wool Fairies/Angels/Goddess, and more


Each fairy is hand crafted and unique.  I use silk flowers, wool felt, wool roving, yarn, beads, embroidery threads, and other embellishments to create each fairy.  The flower fairies are between 4" and 5" tall. The wool fairies are usually 7-8" long.  They come "alive" in my hands as I work with the materials.

Studio work


I often upcycle materials that I scavenge as a way to support the 3 R's - Reuse, Recycle, Renew.  I create a story about each fairy as I work. Their personalities and names emerge through the process.

Why Fairies?


When asked if I can see response is usually... "Can't you?"  I believe in the importance of developing our imagination and the ability to dream and wonder. I especially want to provide children with a world full of magic and beautiful natural items to play with.  And yes, I do see fairies and have most of my life. "Don't you?"

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How to order a Fairy

If you are interested in owning a fairy, please send me an email at  I love to create custom ordered fairies, such as seasonal fairies, birthday fairies, tooth fairies, etc.  Please email details about your special fairy request. I usually will require two weeks to create your unique fairy.


Fairies range between $15-$40 each plus shipping.  If you order something special we will discuss price at that time.

What do others think?

A second grade Waldorf teacher..." I want one for every season to put on our nature table.  They are wonderful."

I want one made for my friend who is having a baby!  Can't wait to give her this unique gift of love.


My work is Waldorf inspired including the use of natural materials and the images of fairies. I am inspired by the work of Lucinda Macy. She designed and made the fairy door in my display.  You can find more of her work at

My Wool Fairies are inspired by Christine Schafer and her wonderful Magic Wool Fairy book.

My Story and more


More about me

  About Becky Bowman - In April, 2017 I retired as the Executive Director of the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children®. Most of my career has been focused on supporting the creation of beautiful, creative places for children to play in various settings, including homeless and domestic violence shelters, prisons, as well as, high quality early childhood classrooms.   My daughter attended a Waldorf School for 9 years and during that time I  became very closely acquainted with the magical, hidden world of fairies, elves and gnomes. I  especially like  taking natural material from the outdoors and creating magical creatures that can be included in play environments for children, or simply help to inspire a nature-based home environment. 

I love working with children and giving them raw, natural materials to design and create with.  I live in Nashville, TN with my husband Mark and our young teenage daughter Kylie. (Photo is of Kylie (left), cousin Ryan, and friend Edie.)

Are You Interested?

If you are like me you might want to know more and how you can have a flower fairy in your home or as a gift for a child. My inventory is usually small and saved for festivals and fairs.  But you can always contact me at my email address: with your interest and questions.